How to Keep Your Employees Happy at Work

Happiness matters.  In today’s world, it is more important than ever to ensure your employees are happy; in turn this will lead to productivity and ultimately satisfied customers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. When employees are not loyal, undervalued or unmotivated, the company as a whole will suffer. 

All that said, keeping employees happy can be easier said than done; especially when happiness generally comes from the inside. Although you as an employer cannot control the way a person is feeling from within, you can begin to make subtle changes which can add to a person’s happiness level rather than detract from it. In other words, if the workplace environment is stressful; if there is a lot of gossip; if there are a lot of put-downs, the chances are that anyone affected will not be very happy. In the end, production goes down and so too does the profits. 

If you want happy, satisfied employees at work, consider the following tips and guidelines. If you try just a few of these, you will find that your employees will like what they do, and find it meaningful. 

Be Transparent

All too often an employer keeps, what could potentially be, important company information from their employees. While it is safe to say that it can be for the better, current surveys are showing otherwise. Good or bad, people want to know the truth about the company they’re working at. 

The cost of being transparent is next to nothing, but will require ongoing communication between everyone. If you’re not being transparent, give it a try; otherwise, you can almost guarantee that company info will be found out through social media or other outlets. So have regular monthly staff meetings and discuss the projects and progressions of the company. Like where you are going as a whole, what you have achieved as a group and what your goals are as an organisation for the future and always ask if anyone has any input or concerns they would like to raise at the end of the meeting.

Encourage Communication

Communication is vital when it comes to running a business. Not only do you want to keep your customers happy and returning, but you also want your employees to be able to do their job – accurately too. That said communication must play a key role. But first you need to create a space where employees can easily talk about what’s going on at work, share ideas and engage in casual conversations.  Make it comfortable; add nice furniture with pillows, snacks and beverages. This space should be an ice breaker for new employees or just a place to breathe. It should be a spot where you can open up and talk about what’s going on. 

Create a Productive Atmosphere

Gone are the days when that tiny little cubicle was the standard office environment. Organisations in Australia can now  impress both employees and customers by creating a quality space to work in. The layout should maximize productivity; therefore it should have all the materials needed to get the job done right. Colors, plants sunlight and air filters will promote an optimal working environment. Healthy food options in the break room or cafeteria will allow employees to boost their energy levels and improve cognitive functioning. Finally, allow employees to personalise their workspace. After all, who doesn’t want a place to call “their own”? 

Trust Employees to Expand Their Knowledge

Doing the same task over and over again for a number of months or years can lead to a slower performance and overall lethargy in the company. Don’t be scared to allow employees to do new tasks or take on new responsibilities. Even though by doing this you could open up the risk to productivity, in the long run, you are allowing employees to grow within themselves and the company as a whole. You will see an increase in confidence and a decrease in employees becoming burnt out. 

Listen to Your Employees

Most of the day you may require your employees to listen to you, but sometimes it’s important to listen to what they have to say. Whether it’s good or bad, showing that you are willing to listen to them can prove that you care about what’s going on mentally and emotionally with them. 

Treat them Like Adults

There will be bad news at one point or another. It could be regarding the company, the individual or a group of people. In any case, deal with it in a straightforward, yet in a respectable manner. Rumors or misunderstood information generally causes worse problems than the bad news itself. Keep your employees out of the dark by keeping them in the light. 

Cut Down on Emails and Meetings

Nowadays, most of us have an inbox full of unread or un-replied-to emails.  Not to mention way too many text messages and an over abundance of meetings. Cut down on both and learn to collaborate more efficiently. Remember, if your employees are happy, they will be productive and they will do their job right. Essentially you won’t need to be bombarding them with emails and meetings to stay on top of them. 

Remember Your Employees Need a Break

Coinciding with the cutting down on messages and meetings, it is to remember that your employees will return home at a set point in the day. Even though, with the advent of technology, you can reach them 24-7, you should allow them to get away from work. That means no calling or messaging after working hours unless it is on a friendly basis or an absolute emergency. 

Set a Good Salary

It’s no surprise we all  like money, and know the value of it. When offering compensation, offer a salary that makes employees feel like they’re being paid what they’re worth. Even if compensation has been agreed upon, keep in mind that an employee may accept it without considering the workload they’re taking on. If you ensure it pays what it’s worth (or more), you can feel confident in knowing that the person won’t come back to you unhappy and asking for a raise. 

Look After Your Employees and Their Families

When an employee feels like they are cared for, they will be happier and put their efforts where it counts. Sometimes unexpected events may arise. A loved one may become ill, the employee may incur an injury or their vehicle may break down.  Offer a delivered meal, call in a housekeeper to clean up or send a driver to take the individual to work or even grocery shopping.  

There have to be good times too. Consider holding family events, outings or impromptu parties to show that things do not always have to be so serious. 

Overall Happiness = Productivity in the Workplace

When your employees are feeling that they are part of the team, they will be willing to go the extra mile for customers and co-workers. By taking their needs seriously; by listening and respecting them; and by giving them more motivation, they will be committed to the job. More importantly, they’ll be happy. With a team of happy employees, you will be able to overcome any and all types of weather in any economic storm. For help with recruiting, onboarding and employee awards and contracts contact Best Bookkeepers Australia Today.

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