What Successful People are made of?

Success can be an achievement, attainment or opulence. Everyone on earth aims to succeed in life but not all of us get the chance to achieve it. Luck may bring the chance but it is not an attribute to become successful. It is about the attitude that we apply for every opportunity that comes our way. As the novelist Walter Scott says, “For Success, attitude is equally as important as ability. So, what kind of attitude do successful people have? The Following are some of the qualities that you may peruse and start to apply those below, that you believe you may be lacking.

  1. Successful people do not make decisions at the height of their emotions- Humans in nature are emotional. Either it is positive or negative, it would not matter as it is about how emotion is being managed. You will commit mistakes in making decisions if it will depend on, if you are happy, angry, sad or overwhelmed. You must be vigilant and be aware as to how your emotions will affect your behaviours, thoughts and actions.
  2. Successful people are avid readers- Reading can make us smart as it improves our thinking process. A person who does not read will not do as well as others. If you are not a reader, try to start with those topics that make you interested, Start with just a few pages a day and without noticing it, it will become your habit.
  3. Successful people are focused and get a move for “deep work” – “Deep work” is a skill that gives us the ability to focus with no distractions to achieve the highest peak of productivity and efficiency. The deeper we work, the better the fruit. Even the former US President Barrack Obama has his own way to have a distraction-free environment. He prefers to work late night hours where he can read, prepare and write memos and speeches according to Rahm Emanuel, his first chief of staff.
  4. Successful people have the power of saying “NO” – Some people have the habit of saying yes to everything that results to inessential stress that can hold them back. This is because we want to get involved with everything and are eager to grab every opportunity given to prove ourselves. Certainly, this may result in disappointing others and draining ourselves which can also lead to failure. So, to become successful, you need to have criteria of when to say Yes or No to things that comes your way. Failure to do so could exhaust your time, creativity, and productivity. Therefore, learn to refuse politely but firmly.
  5. Successful people are “Active Listeners” – Listening is one of the most important but underestimated skill in life and in business. To become successful, we need to open ourselves to other people’s ideas and criticisms as this will help you uncover opportunities to move you upward.
  6. Successful people persevere – During an interview of Mohammad Ali, he mentioned that he hated every minute of his training. But because of his perseverance, he did not quit and he is now known as one of the most famous boxer’s in the world. Another good example is the movie titled “The Pursuit of Happiness” where Will Smith is the leading actor. The theme of this movie talks about perseverance as well. He succeeded because he did not give in to despair to make a better life for himself and his son rather, he took all the challenges he faced with braveness and determination.
  7. Successful people are independent and self-reliant- Having these attributes can build confidence and will make you a strong individual. According to Sarah Dessen, author of Lock and Key, “Only a weak person needs someone else around all the time.” If you work on your own capability, you will discover as to how you can leverage your own strengths and improve your weaknesses.
  8. Successful people admit when they are wrong- You become a manipulator when you do not take responsibility for your own actions and act on blaming others instead. The reason we do this is because we don’t want others to question our own competency and authority. If people around you do not trust and believe you, believe me, you will FAIL! Admitting one’s fault takes a lot of courage but once you embrace it, you’ll become a strong person where you will learn to accept your imperfections.
  9. Successful people are risk takers – We could not make important gains without taking important risk. When we take risk out of life, we take opportunity along with it because sometimes, taking a risk exposes us from unforeseen opportunities. You will not succeed with your goals in life if you will always play it safe.
  10. Successful people work hard but always work smart at the same time – These two should always come together if you want to succeed. A lot of people give their best by working hard, but not everyone becomes successful. Some invest long hours working because they do not set priorities smartly. When you know how to identify the most important to least important, you will move up the ladder real fast.

So, no matter where you stand in life right now, it is always YOU who will design your own future! It is not too late to change from one path to another. It is not too late to acknowledge, admit and accept that you are not satisfied with your current situation and then move forward. But do not forget that life doesn’t give you endless chances and opportunities to start over. So what are you waiting for, make your move now and use this list as your guide. I am sure that you may already have some of the qualities listed above or you may even have the all qualities above to become successful, or either you have just discovered what could make you become even more successful. Either way success is defined in many different ways. So, decide what makes you successful and most importantly happy and then, enjoy your life!!

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