7 tips on How to get more Clients

Startup businesses need new clients and established businesses need more clients. So how do you get more clients? There is a lot of fantasy about “client attraction” that somehow with hope and prayer clients will magically appear. I wish I could say there was a set way to get more clients, but unfortunately getting clients takes time, time in building relationships, networking and marketing your services.

The following tips I have put together in order to help you with your strategy of obtaining more clients:-

Carry your Business Cards with you

You must commit to talking to at least three different people about your business every day, and you never know who you will meet. If you meet a key contact and you don’t have your business cards with you, you will lose out. One night on my way home from the club on the courtesy bus, I was just having a general conversation with the locals about myself and what I do and when we arrive at my destination everyone on the bus was asking for my business card, it’s that easy. Take your cards to church, parties, and the grocery store, even on walks with the dog. it’s easy for me as a female my business cards are always in my handbag and I can fit a few in. Males can also carry a few in there wallet maybe not as many but still having the business cards on you locks in extra potential of picking up those new clients.

Ask for referrals

Asking current clients for referrals is another great way to obtain more clients, however too many consultants just wait for referrals to fall in their lap, after all happy clients will refer you right. Well this is not always the case most clients are more than willing to give referrals if you ask, but some clients don’t know who to refer to you and if they should. It’s a good idea to create a bulk email to your current clients informing them that you are looking for referrals, even offer a referral fee or discount if need be and make sure in the email you specify the exact type of clients you are looking to service.

Run an ad campaign

Facebook and Google adwords is a great place to start ad campaigning, however, many subscribers say that Facebook is friendlier user than Google

adwords. But both are very effective ways of advertising and targeting your audience for those potential clients. Other forms of advertising you can use are display ads like internet based ads on LinkedIn and Google, or non-internet-based like newspapers, notice boards and doctors’ waiting room TV’s and many more, all of these mentioned having the potential to obtain those most needed clients.

Write a blog

Blogging is an amazing way to build relationships and become an expert consultant. Start by blogging about topics that are relevant to your services, and write blogs that will appeal to current and potentially new clients. By Posting quality content that aims to answer questions and help business owners grow, you may just attract those clients you are looking for. So how do I get clients to see my posts? I always post my blogs on Twitter, Google business page and Facebook as well as my Facebook business page and I always link them back to my website, that way current clients can read my blogs or potentially new clients can see the blogs on the business website. Blogging takes a lot of time, especially when you need to do it regularly for better SEO results. Currently, I use Blogger and WordPress to write and publish my blogs.

Offer something free

In our accounting firm we offer 1 hour free consultation for new clients, this has gained us a few clients using this method, as the client actually gets to meet with you in person and are receiving free advice. If the client get results from the consultation and likes you, then you are most likely to obtain that client and even receive referrals. Always offer something of value to potential clients, something people really want, something that you believe is so good that you should be charging for it, otherwise you are not really offering anything of interest and you will get no bites.

Get Networking

The ability to network is one of the most crucial skills you can have, it is another potential procedure to meet new clients and grow your business. Networking is a great way to meet people in a non-selling environment so don’t sell, just greet n meet. Ask people about their business and themselves, people love to talk about themselves you would be surprised. If you meet someone that matches your criteria ask for their business card or add them to Facebook and then follow them up and see if they might be a prospective new client. Also don’t forget to network online as well as offline and ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘meetup’ are a great place to start networking on the internet.

Build an active social media presence

Instagram, Google, Facebook and Twitter is a great way to build a social media presence be creative, use different phrases and post as many pictures of your business meetings and functions as you can. But most importantly, be as normal as you can don’t be a salesperson. If you make posts that show the lifestyle of yourself coupled with your business, people will start to get an idea of who they will be dealing with and will feel a special kind of trust that will encourage them to work with you. As people love to deal with real people.

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